- Boxerwelpen aus erfolgreicher Zucht
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Here you will find information about our breed, our boxers and boxer puppies. We have been breeding boxers for many years and are members of the Boxer-Klub EV - based in Munich.

Boxer aus unserer Zucht als Welpe und erwachsen

When i was born the first boxer already lay beside my cradle.

Since then i have never been without a boxer anymore. With my entry into the local's group Duesseldorf and the male Toni von de EHip Dysplasia, the desire to breed boxer grew up. Everything which the breed concerns was mediated by Mrs. Marlies Lambertz (Kennel v.d. EHip Dysplasia) . For this here again a quite cordial thank you.

In the meantime over 200 healthy boxer puppies were born in my house. Each of them is and will also further be one of my children. I´m always taking care of what they are doing and what the future will bring to them and their new owner.

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