- Boxerwelpen aus erfolgreicher Zucht

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Breeding and Care

Our dogs are all from a private breeding and grow up within a family atmosphere. There are no kennels here, but many cozy sofa seats. The necessary outlet find the dogs in the garden nehind my house in Korschenbroich-Glehn, near to Düsseldorf. Especiallythe courtyard with several resting areas and playground equipment is loved by our boxers

The mother remains constant until the deadline on the side of your puppies. With us you get to know the parents, and can convince yourself happy when visiting them as the pups grow up.
Our dogs grow up in a private and family atmosphere. There are no big kennels, but a lot of places in our living room. Our dogs can run and play in our big garden area placed behind our house in a village near Düsseldorf. The mother of our puppies always stays together with them until they leave our home and finally go to their new owner.

Planned Matings for the Future

Ianna is expecting puppies in September. Pictures of puppies from past litters by Ianna, see the Gallery> Puppies History> H-Litter and G-Litter

Unika is expecting puppies from Al-Capone also in September

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